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Cabac Standard Autocheck Digital Multimeter
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Cabac Standard Autocheck Digital Multimeter

This meter is designed with a high degree of protection. With special features such as a sliding scale impedance relative to the test voltage known as AutocheckTM and 12 kV lightning surge (1.2/50ms) makes this a leading feature test instrument. The meters are double molded, easy to use, comfortable to hold and a safe and reliable tool for use in extremely rugged conditions. Choose from two meters a basic unit or a deluxe meter with extra features of range select, capacitance, diode test, continuity diode test.


3 3/5 Digit 6000 Count
Updates 5 Times per Second                              
AutocheckTM V & Ω
EF Detection
APO Idle for 3 min
Data hold

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Product No: TBM682  
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